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<kuid:131986:1005> ChangeSVariables

Тип: Команда
Опубликовано: 23.01.2017 1:42:51
Скачиваний: 386
Размер: 15.8 kB
Загрузил: TheAnDav


A Driver schedule command to create and change session variables. The session variables are created by using the InputTable rule (kuid:131986:1012) available on DLS. In order to create (and)or change session variables, do the following steps. (1) Download and install the InputTable rule from the DLS. (2) Edit InputTable rule andtype the following on a new line:


where 'svar' : the command name recognized by the driver schedule command.
'SVNAME' : session variable name
'SVOPER' : arithmetical operations on SVNAME. It be set to 'set' to assigns an integer,
'inc' to increase and 'dec' to decrease value of the session variable..
'SVNUM' : corresponding value to assign, increase, or decrease the svname. Must be an integer.

ex: svar,myvar,set,5 (equivalent to setting myvar=5)
svar,myvar,inc,1 (equivalent to setting myvar=myvar+1)
svar,myvar,dec,1 (equivalent to setting myvar=myvar-1)

(3) Once a set of such command style statements are added to InputTable rule, they will appear once the ChangeSVariables command is launched.

Important: Session variables must be of integer type. DO NOT USE floating point numbers/operations.

NOTE: This command is identical to ChangeSVariablesCommand in TRS2004


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