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<kuid2:68213:29012:4> Car Mazda RX8 01

Тип: scenery
Опубликовано: 8.01.2018 19:39:48
Скачиваний: 65
Размер: 738.4 kB
Загрузил: TheAnDav


Rotary-engined chick magnet. The Mazda RX8.

Updated to work with the AJS Traffic Library which allows the 'float' height of road traffic to be adjusted, nightmode times to be set and for the lights to come on in bad weather.

To access the traffic settings, place the vehicle in Surveyor, click the Properties (?) button, and then on the vehicle. Read more about the AJS Traffic Library in this forum thread:


$screenshot$.jpg 41.0 kB 944 B
carrier.kin 1.6 kB
car_engine_03_8bitmono22khzpcm.wav 157.2 kB 51.1 kB 436 B
mazda rx8 composite.texture.txt 42 B
mazda rx8 composite.tga 768.0 kB
nightview lights.texture.txt 39 B
nightview lights.tga 48.0 kB 2.1 kB
shadow-shadow.texture.txt 47 B
shadow.tga 64.0 kB 4.0 kB
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<kuid2:68213:29012:4> scenery Car Mazda RX8 01 2 8.01.2018 19:39:48 738.4 kB

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